Ahmazing Photo Booths was founded in 2015 through the inspiration of making everlasting memories, laughter, and smiles at social events and as a way to expand conventional event photography options. We saw a need for the same approach in the corporate space as well and we rapidly expanded to providing custom event activation solutions of all sizes. At our core, we are award-winning, professional photographers and event coordinators, with over 15 years of experience. We offer full-service, user-friendly photo booths suitable for all ages.


Ahmazing Photo Booths offers permanent booths for installation in your business as a permanent fixture to drive marketing and guest experience via interactive methods. This is a very cost-efficient option compared to traditional marketing methods. For more information, please get in touch with us.

We love to think outside of the booth!


Why choose us? We are not just another photo booth company. We realize every single event is unique and there is no “one size fits all” way to handle your event. We want our photo booth rentals to be a seamless experience integrated into your event, for both you and the patrons. We specialize in weddings, corporate events, reunions, graduations, parties, and much more! We strive for constant elevation in customer experience, high-quality booths, and unique offerings.

Our core values




What makes Ahmazing Photo Booths different from other photo booth companies?


Well…everything! But here are 7 things to get you started…



  1. We are award-winning, degree-backed, professional photographers first. We are not just a photo booth company, photography is our core business, so you can guarantee a great photo output!


  1. Our open-air booths are spacious and can fit 10+ people. Comfortably. Our booth is also beautifully designed in a sleek housing that adds sophistication to your event. This eliminates the need for a bunch of extra tables, tripods, laptops, and other items, and keeps your event free of clutter. It also has a small footprint, making it possible to set up in the tightest of spaces.


  1. Our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth makes you look AHMAZING! We use proprietary technology and professional photography equipment to make you and your guests look like models. To replicate our exact photo booth setup for each event, would cost over $10k! We also have high-tech setups that let us do cool stuff like put you anywhere with our Chroma Booth, record videos with special FX and slo-mo, create GIF animated images and videos, and add custom branded overlays, live slideshows, instant sharing, and more.


  1. We can capture and accommodate all guests without limitations. No more crouching down or standing on your tip toes just to get in the frame. Our built-in tilt functionality and operators who pay attention to details, mean you’ll be perfectly framed in the photo, every time.


  1. Within 24 hours of your event, the full-resolution photos are uploaded to our hosted online gallery in their full resolution, watermark free. We even include the printed template photo; in case your guests want to print their own extra copies later. In addition, all of our galleries offer 100% free downloads at no extra charge.


  1. With our in-house professional design and custom template options, we make sure our designs are fit just for you and your event before the big day even arrives. This includes color, font, and template customization to your theme, and ensuring everything is picture-perfect. We even go through the trouble of color-matching and aligning the prints to ensure perfection at every step.


  1. Last, but certainly not least, are our booth operators. Say hi to the owners themselves if you catch them at an event (they’re super fun, trust us), or one of our lovely booth attendants who will help your guests pose, interact with the booth, and upload their pictures while keeping things professional. Crying babies or crying bridesmaids? Not a problem, we’ll bring a smile to their face. Although, there is no guarantee they won’t cry when it’s time for us to leave; we’ll shed a tear too.

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