Chroma Booth

An Out of This World Experience

For General Events


Our Chroma Booth is the perfect booth for events and occasions where you want your guests in another environment or setting. Maybe you want a night in Rome, Jamaica, or out of space? Our Chroma Booth can achieve this in an instant! Our green screen and blue screen backdrops are 8′ x 8′, which is enough room for group shots. Our Chroma Booth is excellent for weddings, school events, special events, and more.


Our Chroma Booth is an open-air booth that works best by removing a color that typically most people do not wear, a certain shade of green or blue. We provide even lighting which will give a crisp output because folds and wrinkles all vary the color and shade which makes for a not-so-good image.


Whether you choose the Pro or Selfie version of our Chroma Booth, you will receive a professional backdrop that we provide to ensure the highest quality possible. Our Pro version comes with our special pro software, coupled with a professional-grade DSLR, to create an even final image. Our Selfie version allows for a custom start screen to match your event and the ability to pick from over 100+ LED sequences to amaze your guests! When it’s time to take a photo, the LEDs flash your guests with gorgeous ring light illumination.

For Our Corporate Clients


Data is key and we understand this when it comes to our corporate clients. Give guests a reason to interact with your business. Capture leads, collect surveys, send special offers, drive website traffic, and build up free marketing collateral with our Chroma Booth. Our Chroma Booth allows for special backdrops, overlays, animations, etc. that could all be branded to the exact specifications of your company’s brand guidelines. By digitally placing a company-branded backdrop instead of physically printing one, you are doing your part to save on energy and production costs.


Track the performance and social reach of your event with the content shared from our Chroma Booth. Target guests that interact with your brand. The user-generated content aspect of our Chroma Booth will allow you to share this content across various social media platforms and mediums. Think of all the possibilities that come along with having our Chroma Booth at your event! The perfect solution for maintaining a unique connection with customers while celebrating a holiday, promotion, or any event. We also offer full-color vinyl wraps, customized template overlays, and branded screens to get your company’s message across in a memorable way.


Every aspect of the Chroma Booth can be customized to match your event and brand. When your guests interact with our Chroma Booth, they will feel as if they are interacting directly with your brand. This creates an #ahmazingmemory and experience that positively associates your brand with having a great time.


Our Chroma Booth requires:

– Dedicated US-standard 120-240v electrical outlet
(not to be shared with DJ or another high-powered source)
– Minimum 8′ x 8′ floor area (ideally 12′ x 12′)
– Minimum 1 hour load-in/set-up Time
– Minimum 6.5′ ceiling height clearance
– Small cocktail table for guests to have a place for drinks


*We recommend an area between 5 feet to 10 feet in depth x 7 feet to 10 feet in width for optimal use. Depending on the venue, we can adjust the size of the backdrop, if necessary.


– Event Manager
– Custom start screen
– Custom photo overlay
– Unlimited photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs
– Premium chroma backdrop
– Professional lighting
– Instant sharing
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (30 days)
– Delivery*
– Setup & Breakdown


*Certain geographic areas or venues with certain delivery needs may be assessed an additional fee. Twenty (20) miles are included, any additional mileage will be assessed as an additional fee.


– Idle Time – $35/hr
– Video (Confessional Booth) – $100
– Virtual booth (hybrid event) – $150
– Animated overlay or background – starting at $200
– Professional 2×6″ prints – $125
– Professional 4×6″ prints – $200
– Confetti champagne bottles (subject to venue approval) – $250/dozen
– Custom prop sign – starting at $100
– Monogram vinyl branding – $100
– Partial vinyl wrap – $175
– Full vinyl wrap – starting at $500


– Custom-branded live view monitor & slideshow – $350
– Sharing station – $75
– Live view monitor & slideshow – $125
– Full HD live view video wall projector – $200

– Mobile hotspot for on-site sharing (if the venue does not have internet access) – $30
– Battery-powered option – $200
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (6 months) – $50
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (1 year) – $75

– Data collection report – $200

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