AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth

A Celebrity-Style Experience

Our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth is like our Open-Air Booth but turned up to celebrity level! Sometimes referred to as “the Kardashian effect”, this is the hottest trend in events right now. Our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth offers a flattering monochrome filter effect that is perfect for weddings, upscale occasions, and more. We highly recommend that this booth be paired with a solid white or marble backdrop.


Whether you choose the Pro or Selfie version of our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth, your experience will deliver an Insta-ready glam look! Our Pro version is created by our special software that applies various techniques like skin smoothing, tone adjustments, and more to create a flawless, soft look. This can be applied in both color and black & white photos, but black & white is our most popular option!


Our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth comes with our premium white backdrop that is seamless and reflects the right amount of light back into the camera. Coupled with flattering positioned beauty lighting and 4×6″ prints, this is one of our most sought-after photo booths!


Our AHMAZE!™: Glam Booth requires:

– Dedicated US-standard 120-240v electrical outlet
(not to be shared with DJ or another high-powered source)
– Minimum 10′ x 10′ floor area (ideally 12′ x 12′)
– Minimum 2 hours load-in/set-up Time
– Minimum 7.5′ ceiling height clearance
– Small cocktail table for guests to have a place for drinks


*We recommend an area between 5 feet to 10 feet in depth x 7 feet to 10 feet in width for optimal use. Depending on the venue, we can adjust the size of the backdrop, if necessary.


– Event Manager
– Black and white photos (color option available)
– Custom skin-smoothing filter
– Custom start screen
– Personalized 4×6″ print template*
– Premium 8′ x 8′ white backdrop
– Unlimited sessions
– Unlimited prints per sitting*
– Professional-quality images
– Social media, text, and email sharing
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (3 months)
– Delivery ⁺
– Setup & Breakdown


* Pro package only. Unlimited prints mean one per person in each photo.


⁺ Certain geographic areas or venues with certain delivery needs may be assessed an additional fee. Twenty (20) miles are included, any additional mileage will be assessed as an additional fee.


– Idle Time – $35/hr
– GIF capabilities – $50
– Confetti champagne bottles (subject to venue approval) – $250/dozen
– Custom prop sign – starting at $100
– Client branding on the back of the booth – starting at $200
– Custom-branded live view monitor & slideshow – $350
– Sharing station – $75
– Live view monitor & slideshow – $125
– Full HD live view video wall projector – $200
– Mobile hotspot for on-site sharing (if the venue does not have internet access) – $30
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (6 months) – $50
– Post-event online gallery with free downloads (1 year) – $75

– Data collection report – $200

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